European School Radio, organized the Multiplier Event in Greece for the Erasmus+ KA2 “Social Radio 2.0- The European School Radio and Podcasting Community for Active Citizenship Education” in the context of the annual Festival for schools that create radio shows & podcasts. The venue for the activities, in Zakynthos, hosted the participants that expressed their interest to attend the proceedings. During the event, 61 teachers and 800 students from 43 schools took part in the activities of the European School Radio Festival 2023- Multiplier Event for Social Radio 2.0. The school radio & music groups organized their trip to the annual student meeting, but this year’s theme is the Social Radio 2.0 perspective. The teachers who represented each school team actively participated in the training workshop for the project’s outputs and the students had the chance to enjoy all the activities.

In a mood of joyfulness, the actions of the 7th European School Radio Festival- Social Radio 2.0 Multiplier Event for Social Radio 2.0 that took place in Zakynthos on April 27-29th, were completed.
The Scientific Society “European School Radio-The First Student Radio” co organized this first post-pandemic festival in collaboration with the Directorate of Secondary Education of Zakynthos, the Deputy Regional Directorate of Digital Governance, European Programs and European Affairs of the Ionian Islands, the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ionian Islands and the UNESCO Zante Group of the prefecture of Zakynthos.
Within a three-day event program, over 800 students with their teachers of ESR schools from Croatia, Greece and Cyprus had the opportunity to discover the fruition evolution of European School Radio within the framework of the Erasmus KA2 “Social Radio 2.0- The European School Radio and the Podcasting Community for Active Citizenship Education” program, to get to know and interact with one another, to participate in workshops and musical events and to enjoy themselves at the verge of the end of the current school year.
The Opening Ceremony on Thursday April 27th 2023 took place in the Cultural Center of Zakynthos with an artistic program by the “Lithakia Mandolin Ensemble 1982” and the “Traditional Dance Ensemble of the Sarakinado Cultural Association” whereas videos of the participating ESR schools, presenting their radio teams, were projected. The first day was completed with a rock music concert by the rock group “Band Fiction” in Solomos Square.

Friday’s April 28th 2023 schedule included 40 workshops and interesting events that took place in various spots of town, such as the Treasure Hunt whose winner was the 1st Lyceum of Xanthi and the Live Concert featuring student musical ensembles. In particular, secondary schools were hosted at the 2nd Junior High School of Zakynthos where the Secondary Radio Teams’ Exhibition took place parallel to student workshops such as “Composing Music on the Computer” organized by the Music Ηigh School of Trikala, “Social Radio 2.0” for teachers and the “7th European School Radio Festival Marathon Radio Show” coordinated by the 2nd Junior High School fo of Zakynthos Radio Team

“Radio Routes”. Primary schools were hosted at the 4th Elementary School of Zakynthos where they took part in the Primary Schools’ Radio Teams’ Exhibition” and joined various workshops. The Music High School of Zakynthos provided its concert hall for the festival’s Live Concert during which 6 ESR school musical ensembles presented their original songs, coordinated by the Experimental Music High School of Pallini Musical Radio Ensemble “Amusic”. Music and general schools participated, and the students unfolded their talent with original songs and excellent performances! The pervasive creativity captivated those who were there while it also led to spontaneous musical collaborations, such as the free jamming between the Experimental Music High School of Pallini and the 1st GEL of Papagos. Meanwhile, events also took place at the Cultural Center of Zakynthos, the Xenopoulos Library, the Solomos- Kalvos and Prominent Zakynthians Museum, the Municipal Social Food Market, the Foscolo Movie Theater and Stigma Radio Station.
The following schools participated in the events and actions:

  • From Greece: EEEEK Nafpaktos, EEEEK Zakynthos, 2nd Kindergarten of Nikiti Halkidiki, 1st Kindergarten of
    Lagynon Thessaloniki, HELLENIC EDUCATION CENTER – EDUCATION OF MARY N. RAPTOU, “Platon” Kindergarten –
    Glyka Nera of Attica, 2nd Primary School of Zakynthos, 3rd Primary School of Ammos Zakynthos, 5th Primary School of
    Zakynthos , Pantokrator Primary School of Zakynthos, 3rd Primary School of Kamatero, 15th Primary School of
    Kallithea, 2nd Primary School of Pyrgos,19th Primary School of Patras, 21st Primary School of Serres, 7th Experimental
    High School of Trikala, Junior High School of Vrachneika, Junior High School of Vathi Avlida, 8th Junior High School of
    Piraeus, Kompotio Junior High School of Arta, Evening Junior High School of Chalkida, 3rd Junior High School of
    Eleftheri-Kordelio, Private Junior High School “Ekpaideutiria Douka”, Music High School of Xanthi , Experimental Music
    High School of Pallini, 1st Lyceum of Xanthi, 1st Lyceum of Pyrgos, Model Lyceum of Heraklion Crete, Gennadio Model
    Lyceum of Athens, Lyceum of Spetse, 1st Lyceum of Papagou,1st Lyceum of Kilkis, 12th Lyceum of Athens, Vocational
    Lyceum of Κatochi Etoloakarnania, Vocational Lyceum of Chalkida, Vocational Lyceum of Zakynthos
  • From Cyprus: Primary School of Livadia (KB), G & C Schools of Careers- Primary School, Forum Private School.
  • From Croatia: Elementary School Semovec and Osnovna škola Krunoslava Kutena

Early afternoon on Friday all schools assembled at Lofos Strani for a unique co-organized ESR event to celebrate the 200 years from the composition of the Hymn to Liberty by Dionisios Solomos. The event was honored by the “Faneromeni Men’s’ Choir”, the “Fiore di Levante Women’s’ Choir” and the “Philharmonic Wind Band of the Municipality of Zakynthos” who in collaboration with the ESR festival participants solemnly interpreted the National Anthem of Greece for its 200 years’ anniversary.
Friday evening the festival schools joined a party at the Gatsby club, during which a DJ contest took place. Each school had ten minutes to perform. The winner was DJ Dimitris, student of the 1st Lyceum of Kilkis.
The 7th European School Radio Festival ended on Saturday April 29th 2023 with the “Make it Heard 2023 -Youth for Peace- Radio and Music Contest” Αward Ceremony at the Municipal Theater of Zakynthos co-organized by the
Scientific Society European School Radio, the Educational Television and Digital Μedia Department of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus and the Νational Center of Audiovisual
Media and Communication. Finalist schools in each competitive category attended the ceremony and received their awards.

  • Presentation

Dissemination in Greece – Powerpoint that presented in Faro’s Meeting


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