This output aims to provide a practical and comprehensive bank of all the necessary teaching and learning materials (educational resources, instructional manuals for the Social Radio 2.O platform and application and exemplary practices) that will support the application of the school radio and podcasting curriculum either as part of existing courses or as an
extracurricular activity. The resource hub will provide numerous, ready to use, co-creation activities and lesson plans as well as a number of case studies showcasing how active citizenship learning experiences can contribute to students’ personal growth, civic engagement and critical thinking. All the provided resources will follow the 3 basic components/phases of the school radio and podcasting curriculum, as follows:

  • INSPIRE: the supporting materials during this phase will include podcasts, ice-breaking and co-creation activities, Tedx talks and class-debate tasks that will help students understand their strengths, motivate them become active citizens and foster fruitful discussions. Teachers will be also provided with storytelling and interviewing activities to support students on the production of their own radio broadcasts and podcasts.
  • RESEARCH: teachers will be provided with supported materials such as podcasts, videos, lesson plans and co-creation activities aiming to support students on debating on their community issues, going deeper with their research upon their selected topics and supporting on air panel discussions.
  • ACT NOW: during this phase teachers will be supported with teaching and learning materials such as project templates, online posters, empathy maps and lesson plans that will help students develop empathy, agency and problem solving and become creative roving reporters and change ambassadors in their community.