The project will develop, launch and test an interactive online platform that aspires to initiate and sustain the first-ever European-wide online community of teachers, students and schools who use school radio and podcasting to promote civic engagement among adolescents. This output is also aiming to:

  • support teachers from primary and secondary education apply the school radio and podcasting curriculum and offer practical and real-life experiences of citizenship education to students
  • facilitate teachers’ professional development through collaboration, knowledge and experience sharing as teachers will be invited to share their experiences through podcasts and learning resources
  • support students’ learning and upskilling pathways towards active citizenship. Students will exchange their experiences during the different phases of the project in the form of podcasts and communicate with their peers in other partner countries
  • develop an online system that will host school radio broadcasts through an automated radio system and create an easy-to-use archive of podcasts. The system itself will provide the tools to reuse the material in the classroom and to exploit for pedagogical purposes.
  • create the Social Radio 2.0 online space for the project’s resource hub using gamified features and facilitate the open access to all educational materials that will be produced during the project lifetime
  • create online communication channels such as forums and spaces for comments, that will boost the interaction among the members of the Social Radio 2.0 community (i.e. navigating, rating, commenting, sharing, connecting)