This output aims to deliver a quality student curriculum to primary and secondary education students that will support them develop the skills required to become active citizens such as critical thinking, digital literacy and problem solving. It will be based upon innovative learning and teaching approaches such as design-thinking and project-based learning and will motivate and engage students to use school radio and podcasting as a mean to discuss, reflect upon and advocate for issues they care about. The curriculum will be broken in the
following phases:

  • INSPIRE: students will provide examples of young people who have been acting for change either within school (e.g. a student participating in “Fridays for Future” movement), their
    local community or on a global scale (e.g. young people organizing nationwide protests against violence in schools). Then, after listening to podcasts that embrace the inner power of
    individuals and the potential of youth to change the world, they will use civil discourse as a tool for fostering argumentation and discussions to identify the kind of skills that are required
    towards becoming active citizens and reflect upon whether they have the capability to undertake similar actions.
  • RESEARCH: students will be working with other peers from their school, community members, local entrepreneurs and journalists from local radio stations in order to discuss on the problems that concern their school and their community. They will also dive into local community problems through conducting interviews with targeted stakeholders and listening torelevant podcasts in classroom.
  • ACT NOW: students will take action and become roving reporters in their local community as a way to gain a better understanding of the problems and the potential solutions. Working in groups, students will provide real-time audio reports in the form of podcasts of what is happening in their schools and local communities concerning their selected topics. They will provide constant updates on the issues and try to motivate young students to take action.


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